Sira-Zoé Schmid

"zu spät gekommen"

Opening Friday // 10.07.20 // 8 pm


11.07.20 - 13.08.20

Open on appointment

"[Humans] are just an algorithm designed to survive at all costs, sophisticated enough to think they're calling the shots, to think they're in control, but they're really just... - Passengers." (Westworld, 2016)


The artificial scenery of the futuristic entertainment park Westworld creates a dream-like experience for human visitors who log themselves in as temporary passengers. 

One is situated remote from world affairs as well as from ones ordinary sense for time and space and is deteriorated into a transcendental state of mind. The lawlessness and invulnerability of the visitors enables the ability to live out one’s fantasies. The freedom to act grants the impression of being conscious of one’s actions. It eventually turns out to be an unmasking of a person as well as a journey inwards, irrespective of one’s awareness in retrospect. An inner world embodied within an artificial outside world. The metaphor contains a concise analogy to that of dystopian atmospheres and strange diffuse elements often embedded within dreams.


Based on the quote from the series Westworld, the artist Sira-Zoé Schmid has chosen bizarre passages from her 2010 dream diary and utilised these as a fundamental atmospheric element in order to translate them into a scene-like media installation. With the usage of looped fragments of a party scene combined with planar, transparent objects, the artist enables the „passenger“ an intimate insight into her dreamt fantasies.

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